Palm Beach Recovery Group believes the mind-body connection is a powerful force. Nutrition, fitness and overall physical wellness are all important parts of our rehabilitation process. Nutrition is too often overlooked in this process, but the correlation between the physical health of our bodies and our mental state is extremely significant.  Additionally, regular exercise helps detoxify and strengthen our bodies and minds, regenerating damaged cells and creating the endorphins that aid in stress reduction.

At Palm Beach Recovery, a Wellness Education program, routine exercise, nutrition education and one-on-one consults with a certified nutritionist, and regular evaluations of physical health are all part of our clients’ recovery plan. Alcoholism and drug abuse often promotes a lifestyle of lax standards in this regard, and tends to lead to more sedentary and anxiety-driven behaviors. At the same time, these very same behaviors tend to feed the addiction itself, creating a vicious cycle of increased dependence and diminishing health.

A healthier lifestyle will not only help you overcome your addiction, but it will also help you sustain your success over the long term. An exercise regimen that is fun and challenging continues to foster a productive and disciplined lifestyle. Stress, which is often associated with relapse, is dramatically reduced and easier to cope with. From a sedentary lifestyle to Palm Beach Recovery helps prepare you for a healthy lifestyle, by teaching the importance of good nutrition and exercise habits, giving you the tools needed to establish and maintain physical well-being, all of which can greatly improve your chances at a successful recovery.

As part of our comprehensive whole-body wellness program, our clients receive the following services:

  • 12 step yoga
  • Yin  yoga (stretch & flexibility class)
  • Acupuncture (group and individual)
  • Strength  & Conditioning classes
  • Massage
  • Nutrition education (group and individual)
  • Chiropractic care
  • Routine gym workouts