Individuals suffering from chemical dependence have attempted, at some point or other, to conquer their destructive habit on his or her own.

In fact, as you navigate this website, you may be reliving such an attempt in your mind right now. Perhaps you find yourself in the middle of such an endeavor & have reached the point in your journey where you feel you can no longer travel alone. While it is by no means an impossible task to achieve sobriety on your own, it has been proven time and again that the most effective route to permanent healing is through a program of controlled abstinence assisted by counselors and medical technicians who can help analyze the underlying causes of your specific addiction.

Entering a drug rehab program that is designed with your unique needs in mind helps you to break free from both the physical and psychological effects of these afflictions.

Palm Beach Recovery treats all kinds of substance addictions including:

We achieve these results by utilizing individualized rehab plans for each patient, educational, adventure/experiential and process groups as well as family education and support therapy. In creating a unique treatment program for each of our residents, we are able to provide the best possible environment for recovery potential, no matter what the substance or situation may be.

Accepting that everyone is different leads to the conclusion that everyone’s experience with addiction is different. Our sensitive and knowledgeable staff of counselors lives by this realization and develops a personal connection with each patient in order to fully understand how to best guide them on their path to freedom. It is through this individual attention and understanding that we are able to effectively address the causes, effects and long-term implications of your unique battle with addiction.

Our responsibility, and the end goal of any rehab program, is to provide you, the patient, with the tools and means to achieve – and maintain – your sobriety goals over the long-term. Imagine yourself free of the bonds of addiction, taking a deep breath of the world around you with a clear and sober mind. Palm Beach Recovery can help you develop the tools & strength to achieve this dream of freedom – and sustain it on your own.

How do Drugs Affect the Brain?

Addiction is a chronic disease resulting in compulsive and sometimes risky behavior. Drug use changes the way the brain communicates. By disrupting the normal process of sending and receiving information, certain drugs can over stimulate the reward center of the brain with excess dopamine, creating a false sense of happiness and pleasure.

Some of the most addictive drugs are: