Due to its prevalence in everyday life, alcohol dependency can be difficult to come to terms with, and extremely difficult to fully recover from. The staff at Palm Beach Recovery understands the often ambiguous nature of this disease and, through individual treatment planning, has helped many patients realize and achieve their personal goals.

Identifying whether or not your drinking has become a serious problem is the first step on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, it is often the most difficult step to take. One of the initial signs of alcoholism is an increased tolerance, needing more and more alcohol to maintain a level of intoxication. Needing a drink to steady shaky hands or to compulsively calm sudden anxiety or feelings of depression are all warning signs that it may be time to seek treatment for dependency. Alcoholism, even with its masked acceptance in society, can lead to very serious issues: alcohol poisoning, binge drinking, DUI’s, trouble with relationships & career, monetary struggles and severe depression are all potential outcomes to this very serious disorder.

With the help of the caring professionals at Palm Beach Recovery, you can eliminate these problems from your life permanently. Specifically trained to recognize and treat the behaviors associated with alcoholism, our experienced and empathetic staff will identify the underlying issues that are feeding your compulsions and help you to return to a satisfying and meaningful life of sobriety.

As with every aspect of the Palm Beach Recovery philosophy, our treatment programs are specifically customized to each patient seeking assistance with Alcoholism as a disease. We provide educational therapy sessions for both the individual and their family members as well as a thorough exploration of the twelve-step process. Treatments and length of stay varies from person to person at the Palm beach Recovery Group, but one thing is certain: with the help of our caring staff and the support of your friends & family, recognizing and recovering from alcoholism is entirely within your reach.