Low Ropes activities focus on collaboration; the challenges, games  and initiatives call upon every member of the group to participate, and they present unending opportunities for self-discovery and team growth.

Low Ropes activities bring to life theories and models about group dynamics, role identification, frustration tolerance, emotional regulation skills, problem solving, etc.   It’s a rich program, because it’s 100% facilitator-led with guided debriefs after each challenge.

Our facilitators create an environment in which personal and team insights are shared and subsequent connections back to workplace issues are made by the team. We help your group discover their strengths, then leverage them to better address areas of development.

Participants work through a series of fun and challenging activities led by a group facilitator including a focused discussion about relevant clinical insights gained.  With dozens of activities in our repertoire, we can build a custom program that engages participants mentally and physically, helping them to evolve beyond their current level of performance.

Clinical Benefits:
  • Creates a learning environment for individual practice so that they can execute more effectively in the real world.
  • Increases group morale through FUN, shared successes and performance breakthroughs.
  • Engages a wide variety of learning styles through interactive challenges that serve as reference points for future learning
  • Increases group cohesion as group members learn about each other, have fun together and collaborate on tasks